Everybody Hates Raymond

aleph_c 619

Raymond Flint - Matt Zeilinger

For those who don't know, Raymond Flint has been at the center of a lot of the most convoluted theoretical rules examples I have come up with in the past few years, and TOs everywhere should be glad that he was never popular.

The core reason for this is his potential to give accesses in just about any timing window in the game. For example, did you know that it's possible to encounter an ice while you're already encountering another piece of ice? Just use Political Operative to trash Illegal Arms Factory during your encounter and maybe you'll access a Sapper.

This deck is my way of saying goodbye to Raymond, though not in so inconsiderate a way as trying to create any rules headaches (which are often dependent on the Corp anyway). No, instead I want to send him off in an attempt to make him as useful as possible by giving him plenty of work and not letting protesters get in his way.

We get Raymond down, then do what we need to do to give the corp a bad pub. If we score an agenda off of Raymond, so much the better. (And the threat of Blackmail can keep agendas in HQ a little longer.) But if not, we probably get to trigger Maw and add a counter to Aumakua. And if that turtle is a counter short in a critical moment? Raymond can expose a card to give it an extra boost.

Goodbye, Mr. Flint. Most people never really appreciated your full potential, but I'll miss you and all the rules messes you made.