Next Level Shenanigans (2-1 Cambridge GNK)

Countzer0 81

This deck originally started out as a way to make the best use out of Restore, using it in a fun way with Director Haas and Self-destruct and in a not-so-fun way with MCA Austerity Policy. But I had loads of influence left over, so thought "why not add HHN + Boom?".

So this is the result. It's done OK on jnet and at our local GNK, but I'm slightly worried that it's because of the Gotcha! factor rather than because it's any good. The early burst start of NEXT Design helps to draw into your econ or combo pieces...or it can help you to get flooded.

Fun (potentially rude) things to do:

-Install MCAAP behind a Turing or Fairchild 3.0. Force your opponent to get out a code gate breaker to get rid of the austerity and hopefully put them in HHN range (note - does not work against Kit, anyone with click gain cards like Beth, or Adam with ABR against Turing)

-Have an overadvanced Vitruvius and Director Haas out, then you can BOOM! your opponent twice in one turn!

-Speaking of Director Haas, when she's out and rezzed, you can purge to get rid of Turtle counters, and still have an action left to click MCAAP!