[SOCR3] Taming Kevin (wrmlck Ls)

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This deck had an extremely disappointing 0-4 record in the 3rd season of Stimhack Online Cache Refresh. Nevertheless, I discussed it on Pureflight's great Shipment from Chilo Podcast, episode should be the one after the Boggs interview (not published yet). My round 3 game vs. Sanjay was on stream here.

Thanks again to FightingWalloon for organizing these tournaments. He's a real boon to the ANR community.

My goal was basically to lean on Aumakua + Dean Lister and Tapwrm, as I felt that they were the strongest legal cards in Criminal for this tournament (and I had committed to playing Criminal since I had played the other two runner factions in the previous two seasons).

I went through a few iterations, but ultimately felt like Procon was the best draw option available (having found both Mr. Li and Blockade Runner disappointing). The remaining influence pushed me towards this build, which approximates tapwrm-lock with clone chip (since only 1 saccon in core). Overall, I found that I was typically too poor in the early game to contest remotes. Econ was pretty strong, but tapwrm tends to broadcast scoring windows-- so if I blew a multi-access run (which happened a lot), the corp tended to get a score out of it.

In retrospect, the final version of this deck ran rich enough in the late game that it probably would have been good to put in a Rubicon Switch. I tried not to lean too hard on the ID ability (treating it as some incidental bonus buxx), but maybe that was a mistake.

Details on individual games are below!

Game 1: Lose 4-7 vs. Red Oni (AoT)

I had not yet committed to a big box at this point-- keeping my options open since I thought this deck was a disaster. Econ was based on Opus and Rosetta 2.0, but it felt really slow.

Was one click short of the win-- couldn't steal from Strongbox remote.

Game 2: Lose 5-7 (?) vs. x3r0h0ur (CI)

Don't recall all the details. I had procon down very early and was feeling pretty good about the game: managed to keep his econ fairly low (mostly by trashing VLC's). Kept whiffing on R&D, but several pokes at HQ revealed nothing. I learned afterwards that I miraculously missed the game-winning Elective Upgrades in his hand several times. Ah well.

More testing:

I played this deck a few times on 10/13 but I was extremely drunk and I'm not 100% sure what happened. According to jinteki.net's stats, I won a lot, so there's that. I put in Peace in Our Time instead of Stimhack, but I think that's probably a bad call. Clone Chip can do a reasonable job of turning stimhack bucks into real money and despite tapwrm, I don't love giving the corp money when I'm using FAO.

Game 3: Lose 8-4 to Sanjay (CI with RPC)

I think I must have that disease where I can't access agendas from an HQ full of them! Agendaphobia? Anyway, was a good game, I got him relatively low on credits and kept de-rezzing FC3. Had a ton of money from turn 1 procon and 2 early casts, but didn't get Abagnale until really late in the game, never saw Equivocation and never saw The Gauntlet.. This was on stream here

Game 4: Lose ?-? to Chailight

I played this game while I was on a work trip to Korea. I was extremely jetlagged and have no recollection of what happened. I think they were on PE or AgInfusion, and I know I lost.

30 Oct 2017 kevintame

Los? More like lose a lot!