[SOCR3] Kevin? More like 7...points for me (Rush+FA)

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This deck should probably be called "Graft is worse than GFI," as I felt like it was a huge liability and directly lost me a few games. Either that or "One Hostile Takeover is Really Not Enough." It went 2-2 in the 3rd season of Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. Big props to FightingWalloon for organizing. My round 3 game vs. Sanjay is on stream here, and I discuss this deck with Pureflight on his excellent Shipment from Chilo podcast.

I've been playing quite a bit of Titan over the years, so I was excited for Atlas to show up in Core 2 and keep the ID alive and viable for Cache Refresh.

Basic plan was to have a mix of FA tools and rushy ICE so that you could compensate for the single Hostile Takeover in Core2 by making it more feasible to score 4/2's. Armored Servers and False Lead work together to help you squeeze out the last agenda in a rickety scoring remote.

Overall, I think that this is a playable approach to Titan, and if you ran 3x Audacity, 3x Shipment from Tennin, 2x Trick of Light you could probably make a go of pure FA (as opposed to rush + FA). Being able to use multiple FA tools to score 4/2's is choice.

Game 1: Win 7-2 vs. Red Oni (Reina with Mining Accidents out the yingyang)

Turn 1 HT, rush out a False Lead behind Enigma. Scored an Armored Servers with a combination of Trick of Light and Shipment from Tennin. NA scored an atlas (I think?) and then scored the last atlas with Audacity. So, I like having a variety of FA tools.

Fun plays: forfeit False Lead to neuter a Wanton Destruction run (so that I was guaranteed to keep 1 of the 2 FA tools in my hand). He ripped an NA atlas with Stimhack, and mining accident + HT made it super hard to keep him out, even with blorchestra.

Game 2: Lose to x3r0h0ur (I think some kind of anarch with Maw?)

I lost this game pretty quick. I think that he ripped a couple agendas from R&D within the first few turns.

Game 3: Lose 9-5 to Sanjay (CT with Morning Star + Egret)

He was able to make runs pretty darn cheap every turn with CyCy on HQ (enigma + hortum) and against an egretted Mausolus on R&D. I managed to squeak out two atlas and an HT, but he had already gotten 3 Armored Servers (2 from R&D with equivocation, 1 from HQ). He nabbed a graft off the top, next card was a winning atlas. ah well. Good game, was on stream here

Game 4: Win vs. Chailight (???)

I was extremely jet-lagged when I played this game, but I remember that I won. I believe that one of the scores was on the back of a False Lead when I knew I had a good chance of top-decking an FA tool on the next turn, and the final score was the result of burning multiple Armored Servers tokens to prevent them from getting into a deep-but-cheap scoring remote.

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