Titan Evolution

internet_potato 938

This deck aims to evolve its strategy throughout the game and depending on board state. It sometimes works! At any rate, this deck gives you the flexibility to adapt your play throughout the game, so the key is anticipating when the runner is threatening enough that you have to turtle up and when you have chances to get quick scores.

The Game Plan

Phase 1: Rush.

In the early game, you rush agendas behind gear-check ice and build econ. IAA Hostile Takeover, score Oaktown Renovation behind Vanilla, whatever. Get to a few points and build up some money while you do it. Once you have scored your first Project Atlas (frequently Fast Tracked, installed, advanced), we enter phase 2.

Phase 2: Atlas Train

Great, ideally you are at 3 or 4 points with at least one atlas token available. If you have the econ for it (through some combination of HTs, operations, using Mark Yale to burn counters from your phase-1 agendas, and clicking for credits), then you'll want to start windmilling atlases at SanSan City Grid. If you can't make that happen DO NOT WORRY. EVERYTHING IS COOL.

Phase 3: Glacier (wut)

Drop a Sandburg in your scoring remote and money up for safety. This will hopefully slow the runner down for a bit while you build your bank (with operations, hostiles, etc). When you get the chance, put an SSCG in your scoring remote alongside Sandburg and over-install/score out when you get a chance. Or, build a second server with one or two beast-level ice and score out there.

Some semi-coherent thoughts

Ice placement is really important. Chimera is a lot worse when it's not the innermost ice. General rush placement applies: stack sentry/code gate/barrier on the scoring remote when you can, know when it's OK to leave HQ or R&D on the weaker side. It's probably better to just leave Cobra in your hand for a while than it is to make it the innermost ice on your scoring remote, for instance. Also Caduceus becomes a lot worse late in the game when you are swimming in BP.

Executive Boot Camp is nice for grabbing Mark Yale if you need cash, Sandburg if you need defense, or Jackson Howard if you need draw. Great card.

Consulting Visit is used for either fast track or interns, depending on which one you need more at the moment. It feels a little bit like an under-performer at the moment, and maybe it should just be a second fast track.

If Rumor mill turns out to be a thing:

I don't love Global Food Initiative here, but it keeps density from getting out of control and the runner needs at least 4 steals to win. I suppose it's always possible that you could plop it on an SSCG and then advance + biotic it out to win the next turn, though I've never pulled that off.

Here are cards that I sometimes wish I had:

  • Elizabeth Mills : for taking out loaded off-campus apartments and Wyldsides
  • Exposé : something that isn't an agenda that can be IA'ed to force runs, and we tend to generate quite a bit of bad pub. I don't know, it's certainly neat.
  • Corporate Troubleshooter : sticking an archer unexpectedly is really satisfying.
  • Archangel: bouncing loaded OCA, personal workshop, sahasrara, etc.
  • Snare!: this card is dope and may help you be able to ease off the R&D ice a bit.