6th NA Continentials- Trash Otter

YsengrinSC 1433

This deck went 3-3 in Swiss, and 2-1 in the cut. Continuing my trend of stealing from better players, this is me still playing Pinsel's & Cos Worlds Freedom I think this runner deck is very reasonable, but obviously not meta-defining. I tried Whiteblade's list, but it required too much skill to get wins, so I went with this, and hoped to get lucky, which I did.

I got a bit lucky that most players decided to go more glacier heavy, and with 5 installed ICE trashes + Imp and Freedom ability can get a lot of value. That said there are a lot questionable choices here, and this list needs a lot of polish to make it strong.

My Corp deck is more interesting, and worth playing if you want to check it out.