Holding Up The Heavens...

EssexMat 15

Hands up who wants to grab any card they want from R&D, as many times as they want, whenever they want and all without spending a click? I know I do! People say that 1-2 counters on a Project Atlas is potentially game-winning, how about 6? Or 9?

Simple deck premise; build a strong HQ/R&D (as required) and a Scoring Remote with advanceable ice. Priority Construction and Shipments helps you get there. It's fairly easy to get 6-9 advances out on the board (what with Anson adding his help too).

Mass Comm gives you huge economy, with support from Beanstalk and HF to keep you rich.

You’re looking to Fast Track then FA a Project Atlas out using Red Planet Couriers and boom, guess what, you now have all the tutoring you need for the rest of the game. I regularly get at least 6 Atlas counters, sometimes as many as 12 but that is overkill!

And now you are immune to Indexing, Spy Cams etc. As long as your R&D is well defended you can take your time. Build your advanceable Ice back up then close the game out by then using Atlas counters to grab Biotic into Red Planet Courier to insta-score Global Food and an Atlas or Oaktown from R&D whenever you have 5 advancement tokens on the table and 9 credits!

Preemptive Action helps you recycle the Biotics/RPC as needed, and don’t worry, you’ll always be able to find them next turn

29 Nov 2017 LeNoble

This is really funky - I especially like how a fully loaded Project Atlas can just steal cards away from an Indexing into The Maker's Eye/Mad Dash run, that's hilarious.

What do you do to deal with Clot? What's the reason behind Spiderweb over another advanceable ICE? Finally, why no Mausolus?

Maybe drop two Oaktown Renovation and a Project Junebug for a third Global Food Initiative and a Hostile Takeover? That way you can use an Atlas token for your final point to FA the takeover for the win?

29 Nov 2017 Oooer

Agreed with @LeNoble with regards to including some one of closing cards since you can tutor for anything on the fly. Another option is to include a single Audacity for a cheap game end (score an Atlas with 1 credit).

I tested a modified version of this deck that dropped the Junebug for an Archived Memories and found space for a single Punitive Counterstrike as a weak backup kill option. Archived Memories is also great for playing Mass Commercialization yet another time.

The last point is to find an answer to clot if it is popular in your meta.

29 Nov 2017 EssexMat

This is great feedback, thank you so much for taking the time to have a look at a noob's decklist!

Spiderweb was splashed to hopefully give me some cheap-ish to rez but slightly Runner taxing ETR in the early game. It was a real late addition and didn't really benefit from much careful thought so room to manoeuvre there. I did run Mausolus in earlier versions but found them a little expensive to support and my test opponents seemed to be hapy to let the subs fire a lot which eroded my confidence in how well it kept runners out of servers...but I may well go back and play around a bit.

I love the idea of dropping Oaktown Renovation and [Project Junebug](/en/card/01069 and Project Junebug for another Global Food Initiative and Hostile Takeover. This is a brilliant idea!

I'm also going to find room to splash a single Audacity for closing the game out plays.

With regard to Clot i guess my plan would be to install in my scoring remote during a scoring window and then FA then next turn. Or due to the increased tempo I have with so many clickless draws/tutoring I could afford to Purge when I need to? But then if you haven't realized, I'm not the most experienced player in the world so very open to suggestions in that regard :)

30 Nov 2017 TTJay

Thanks for posting this decklist! Printed and I will be running this tonight and will feed back the results! from one noob to another ;)