Photon Cannon

LynxMegaCorp 1335

This deck wins too many games.

28 Nov 2017 Sutlomatsch

Why the Hostile Infrastructure? It doesn't seem to help much in there...

28 Nov 2017 The Real C

So many one-offs... if you were realistically threatening to simultaneously Boom!, EMP and Punitive them, then this would be fairly scary, but you're unlikely to be able to even pull off one consistently, let alone threaten multiple of them, plus the lacking synergy between them means any real damage prevention stops all three kill plans immediately (and the Boom! one is very easy to play around, anyways). What am I missing?

28 Nov 2017 Handsome Jack

This is a...Strange deck. I can see you threatening one tag, but pulling off two would be tricky. I'd say remove the BOOM! for another Punitive and a 1 dot punishment like Closed Accounts or ASI. Instead of Hostile, I've been using Genetics Pavilion in my Palana deck and it's been fantastic. Interesting list, happy it's been doing well for you.

28 Nov 2017 LynxMegaCorp

Definitely considering losing the Hostile Infrastructure - it doesn't show up enough to help. And believe it or not, BOOM! kills happen often enough to warrant just one. I consider Archived Memories another copy of these kill cards. However, I could live without it. Would be interesting if I go 2x House of Knives to use Exchange of Information to swap them with a 3-pointer. Never considered Genetics - I'll do so. Thanks, everyone, for the feedback!

29 Nov 2017 LeNoble

No Mirāju? I find that's really helpful against Indexing and just to draw all those single includes you've got.

30 Nov 2017 LynxMegaCorp

@LeNoble I haven't even considered that - thanks!