MetropoleGrid - Single Revised Core Set Reina

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None. Self-made deck here.
Inspiration for
Reina Reigns (Revised Core)
Reina - Toornament
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phlip45 253

From Métropole Grid 12/14 stream.

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Métropole Grid

20 Dec 2017 Sidehatch

My friend and I are learning the game using this deck against an HB deck I built with one r.core, but he cannot seem to beat the corp deck. Do you have any suggestions?

5 Jan 2018 phlip45

@SidehatchTry switching decks so you play runner and he plays corp. Either you will win with runner and he will see how to play differently, or he will win, but figure out how it feels to play that corp, and the weaknesses it has.