Desper the Friendly Geist

Killian 24

This deck sucked at Polish Nationals 2015 and it costed me top16 ;-)

10 Sep 2015 esutter479

Well, where's your link? It's not even worth it to run the B&E breakers without at least 2 Dyson Mem Chips or Access to Globalsecs... :) Just sayin'.

10 Sep 2015 Killian

I don't need it. When In first versions I was using Dyson Mem Chip and Underworld Contact but it was too slow and I rarely needed more than 5 str on breakers. Looking forward to include D4v1d as it's way more efficient vs high str ICE. I had problems only with HB glacier decks - this deck is not efficient enough to break NEXT ICE time and time again. I'll think about adding link when Data & Destiny comes out. Games that I lost vs non-HB decks were close (or vs Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center whih i don't like playing against as this deck is yet too slow).