Zero Cool

shadowhawk 256

12 Feb 2018 D4KEN

@shadowhawk seems the deck is a bit slow, for draw i only see the 2 IHW. Yesterday i played Null at an SC and found him with ProCo and IHW sometimes to slow. And with Acaia i would go for Aumakua, Darwin imho is to expensive

14 Feb 2018 shadowhawk

@D4KEN yeah it is slow, i have to find a way to speed things up. I chose Darwin instead of Aumakua because the influence. Plus against asset spam Aumakua is better, but against glacier style decks I won't make enough access. Of course at the SC I only played against assar spam and CI. :) I still managed to end 2-2. I will test Crypsis for the AI slot.