Archie's Rival (2nd @ Elandrial Games Store Champs 2018)

Drayven 20

This is the deck I built and piloted to second place at the inaugural Elandrial Games store championship. I was acting as TO for the event so I wanted something that was going to be easy to pilot and fast as a rocket. MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock was the obvious answer.

Bin Breakers: pretty much an auto include for MaXx decks, sadly they are (with the exception of clippy) horribly inefficient, so we throw a Datasucker and an Ice Carver in there to help make the maths a little more favourable.

Economy: Only the most reg of reggie packages. With enough of everything that you're usually seeing them in your hand as well as your bin.

Draw: You want to go FAST, Get all your breakers in the bin, make money, and then start grinding your face off on their ICE. Once you've got your rig, hit that Levy AR Lab Access to get your money back and go go GO!

Tech Cards: Jarogniew Mercs is in here if you need a flack jacket. Could easily be cut if there's no meat in your meta. Cutlery will get rid of troublesome ICE so you can keep hitting those servers. On the day it got rid of a Fairchild on HQ and it only cost me 17 credits! Hacktivist Meeting is great in an Asset Spam meta, and will shut off a troublesome Scarcity of Resources if you need it. Indexing/Mad Dash are like PB&J, so great together. If they whiff, surprise them with your fancy Legwork. Rebirth Once they see the Indexing and Legwork they'll be ICEing up their centrals lickety split. This is when you become Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist and punish them for leaving an open Archives. Showing Off We all have pet cards, and I've been slotting this one since Sensie was still legal. It's not bad in a DBS meta, but with Whampoa restricted it's probably better off as a different card. Stimhack is almost always the MVP in MaXx games. Gives you that extra little bit of push when the corp thinks you're tapped out.