Silver Bullet Kate (1st place Spanish Nationals)

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This deck was carried by David "Jaz" García to 1st place on 2016 Spanish Nationals. Went undefeated through 6 swiss rounds and Top 8. Played against two Russian NEH, HB ETF, and several CTM.

Based on Silver Bullet decklist, and it's last iteration called Golden Shower, it has only one change, replacing Plascrete Caparace for another Hopper.

Some thoughts and comments about this deck (in spanish only, sorry folks) are placed on this link of our website:

PS: You can see the deck here in losers finals, against brainstorm's CTM.
Thanks again to our pals of Scorched Runners for the great footage all through the day. There are more videos of top 8 and some swiss round on their channel.

29 Sep 2016 Korrigan

Great job!