Only Gods and Dinosaurs May Enter

Gilbod 166

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This is a proof of concept deck, trying to limit the options Runners have to interact with the deck and steal the Agendas within.

Mulligan aggressively for Loki and Mother Goddess.

Loki goes on R&D, Mother Goddess goes on the scoring Remote, Excalibur usually on HQ, and never install Archangel. Underway Grid goes on Remote and anywhere else you don't feel safe from bypass. Sandstorm goes where you think they are going to make big plays, likely HQ or R&D.

Wetwork Refit goes on Mother Goddess while Loki is rezzed, to counter Kongomato, and Crisium Grid can go on R&D or HQ as needed.

If they have an AI Breaker, or you don't have the lock set up, feel free to play the Brain Damage game with Cerebral Overwriter and Enforced Curfew.

Let me know out there if you can think of ideas to make this better, it's a pretty scum kind of deck.

26 Mar 2018 Sanjay

This deck is a bit out of my familiarity zone so I apologize for not actually giving useful feedback but I felt compelled to comment just to say this is a seriously impressive deck name.

26 Mar 2018 Cpt_nice

Wouldn't Special Report fit nicely into this deck, because it kinda falls flat if you don't get Loki + Mother Goddess. Probably worth dropping 1 Archangel, 4 influence is a lot for a deck which does not seem incredibly rich.

26 Mar 2018 Gilbod

@Cpt_nice That's probably a good call. Archangel has been good to surprise some Runners but I mostly included it to have some other ICE that was difficult to interact with and could be used without rezzing it.

26 Mar 2018 Gilbod

Also it might be worth exploring it with Agenda's also contributing more funds. -2 Ikawah Project, -3 Green Level, -1 Ultraviolet Clearance and +3 Corporate Sales Team, +2 Special Report, +1 Cerebral Overwriter.

Other ideas tossed around the table was taking this to CI, but I'd have to come up with a better win combo rather than stopping non-ai breaking or braining the runner.

3 May 2018 The Squid

I'm really liking the way the deck is set up and will be trying to implement elements of this deck into my own cybernetics to give it a new flavor

3 May 2018 Gilbod

Thanks. In testing, draw was super important to finding pieces and more cerebral were needed.

Rashida can help with this a ton but do share your changes!

5 May 2018 The Squid

I kinda melded the deck to my own liking by putting in +2 Melange Mining Corp. instead of 1 Underway Grid and 1 Ultraviolet Clearance may make it slower but it was more effective money gain. also -1 Archangel and did +2 Chrysalis for that extra spike in there only lost one game with it and that's because my opponent trashed both Underway Grids before i saw them and turtled his way to victory both Cyberdex Virus Suite were in my hand when he did so they didnt do a thing sadly overall i had a great time playing the deck