NoShipko - 1st @ French Nat 2022

belazor 125

Would this deck be better with a Boat?

Beyond any doubt.

Is this reason enough to play it?

Hell no, let's snob-it-up!

Woman yelling at keiko

Why no Mad Dash? Because situational uninstallable cards tend to (i) be trashed or (ii) prevent you from triggering Zer0.

Misdirection was a pretty horrendous meta call. Not used it once in the whole event. Great Moshing-fodder, though.

Would probably play some Gachapons, to speed things up and trigger Twinning during the Corp's turn (presently, the role of Cezve).

Shoutout to my opponents for all these tense games.

Shoutout to DeGeneralBFM for his wonderful coaching (green beans: 200g - muscadet: 1 bottle - vodka-madeleine: 1 meter).

And thanks to RainbowMonkey for organizing the event!

Always be cruising running.

16 Nov 2022 Pokerface

Congratulations on your win and thanks for the games!

2 Dec 2022 Rainbow_Monkey

You're very welcome. (I'm always late on those things)