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mechmisfit 41

29 Feb 2016 mechmisfit

Write up and insights to be added.

10 Mar 2016 mechmisfit

Took this to two store championships and a GNK, racking up an 11-1 record (10 flatlines). The premise is simple, force the runner into bad decisions then capitalize on the openings presented,

This is a difficult deck to pilot well. There's only one win condition - flatline. In 12 tournament games, I scored one agenda (timed win, my first game with the deck). Fortunately you have many ways to accomplish this task.

Hiro - Ronin - EMP. Overwriter into Ronin. Kitsune - Snare! You get the picture.

I'll continue to refine this as regionals approach. This is a strong deck that has good matchups in the current meta.