Industrial Graveyard - Worlds 2015

Zeromus 3122

Here is the deck I played at Worlds 2015. It went 5/3 on the day. One loss was totally my fault. Another I took a stupid gamble that put me on the back foot the entire game. I can't remember the third loss... Overall, I think the deck performed quite well! I feel like there is still room for improvement though. I loooove the Industrial Genomics identity. By far my favorite I've played. Unless Palana turns out to be amazing, I will be playing IG next year as well.

This is a very difficult deck to pilot. Much more so than Cambridge Personal Evolution was. So don't expect to just sleeve this up and start crushing face. Let's go into some detail of my choices:

Agendas - Hide the agendas in the name of the game. I almost never score them. But there are only 7, so they are hard to find. Global Food Initiative is the greatest agenda ever. If you can win psi games (and they don't have Film Critic) then they have to steal every other agenda you have to win! Philotic Entanglement is actually my least favorite agenda here, but it does get a kill occasionally. I also tested with Hades Fragment. It is really good if you can score it and remember to use it, but often it just gets stolen.

Ice - Only four ice?!?! Is that enough??? The answer is... Not quite. Ideally I would want 5 or 6, but deck slots are super tight! I certainly don't need more than 6 though. Architect is a must. Need at least one piece that can't be trashed. Yagura is pretty much my favorite ice. Himitsu-Bako is just to force them to find their barrier breaker. Place the ice carefully! It usually goes on R&D.

Shock and Shi.kyu - This is why ice isn't super necessary. Chuck these in archives and stuff gets really hard to trash. I actually think Shi.Kyu is more important than Shock. If you can stick one, that will negate a TFP steal.

Ronin - The core of the deck. It is for murder. Mushin No Shin it out. Punish a runner mistake (choosing to run on your servers). Combo with Chairman Hiro, Neural Emp, or another Ronin. The IG ability can even prevent it from being trashed if the runner ignores archives.

The basic combo is: Before end of the runner's turn, rez Chairman Hiro. They discard down to 3 cards. Play Neural EMP. No I've Had Worse hit? Advance Ronin. Rez Ronin. Trigger Ronin. Dead runner.

For example, a ballsy first turn could be install new remote, play Mushin No Shin. Is the runner dead if they check centrals and leave remotes? ;-)

Cerebral Overwriter - This is why the runner can't just run all your advanced cards. Land one of these and the game is just about over. Mushin No Shin it out.

Jackson Howard - The most important corp card in the game. And particularly important to IG, as you often hide agendas in archives. Playing only 2 would be bonkers.

Psychic Field - It's the only thing that does what it does so well. Hitting with this can setup the kill, even on first click.

Snare - The best R&D defense! Especially if they can't trash it.

Cyberdex Virus Suite - Mostly there to deal with Medium digs. If they are ignoring archives, you can install this on R&D. It can also save Hiro from an Imp attack.

Archived Memories - This is just an all around amazing card. Incredibly versatile. Good targets often include Mushin No Shin, Diversified Portfolio, Jackson Howard.

Sealed Vault - I put this in to deal with criminals coming back and also the Account Siphon DLR decks. It seems pretty important right now.

Economy - Early on, econ is super tight. Managing the econ in this deck is an important skill. Early Hedge Funds help a ton. But most of the time you are installing tons of remotes for mid to late game Diversified Portfolios. Then you are loaded. Sticking a Turtlebacks is usually all you need. Sticking 2 means you will be flooded with credits.

What is missing?

Daily Business Show is an amazing card. When there are only 7 agendas, putting one of the bottom of your deck instead of HQ is amazing. I really want one in here, but influence is so tight.

More ice. Like, one or two pieces. Eli is super good. Clicking him means less clicks to recover from the Snare.

Genetics Pavilion is pretty good, especially versus Kate and Wyld Pancakes.

So yeah, there you go. I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with for this year. I will probably test a bunch of dramatic changes for next year to see if any of them are better. Will also have to wait and see if the new packs provide anything exciting! =-)

11 Nov 2015 rumirumirumirumi

This deck floors me. I've been working a bit on an IG shell game, but this deck makes so many radical choices. I'm excited to play around with it.

11 Nov 2015 ANRguybrush

yeah this is cool. got a few questions:

Why archives memories over interns? I mean they are different cards, but very similar and 2 influence could be another architect.

If so little ice, isn't lotus field a perfect fit? It forces out the decoder and is only vulnerable to spooned.

I really like sealed vault, but crisium grid does almost the same thing. I guess in your matchup, it doesn't really matter if the runner has 1 or 100 datasucker tokens and medium/maker's eye is usually fruitless or foolish against kill decks. I guess sealed vault is more a surprise. If you have a dozen of assets lying around, you can hide it.

11 Nov 2015 Zeromus

The primary targets for Archived Memories are operations.

Lotus Field is a decent option, and I toyed around with it. But it is expensive, and Kate will generally break it for 1 with Cyber Cypher. In the end, I stuck with my loyal, always 2 taxing, Yagura for 1 credit.

I choose Sealed Vault over Crisium because it is another asset, harder to trash, and is hidden. Also, I rarely put ice on HQ, so Crisium doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Also, Sealed Vault is cheaper, and this deck runs on low econ.

12 Nov 2015 gozik

Have you tested Hokusai Grid here? It really shines for me as you can use it as extra remote and gain credit from turtleback or as extra defence for Central Server(works great on either of them).

12 Nov 2015 gozik

"I choose Sealed Vault over Crisium because it is another asset, harder to trash, and is hidden. "

You know that industrial genomics works on upgrades too, don't you?

12 Nov 2015 Cryoclasm

You describe all assets int he deck except Chairman Hiro. Why do you need it if you don't have Interns?

12 Nov 2015 Badeesh

So hot. Quite similar to the way I've been trying but the Hiro, Neural, Ronin plan is genius. I am sad that you've let the 'Shi.Kyu is actually pretty darn good in IG' cat out the bag though.

12 Nov 2015 Zeromus

@gozikI've tested Hokusai and it didn't make the cut. It's either an expensive Shock, or a 2 cost weak ice that can be trashed.

Yes, I know IG works with Upgrades. But 8 is still greater than 5.

@Cryoclasm Not sure I understand your question. Chairman Hiro is the head of Team Murder. Not sure what Interns has to do with anything. I'll add this to the description to be more clear:

The basic combo is: Before end of the runner's turn, rez Chairman Hiro. They discard down to 3 cards. Play Neural EMP. No I've Had Worse hit? Advance Ronin. Rez Ronin. Trigger Ronin. Dead runner.

For example, a ballsy first turn could be install new remote, play Mushin No Shin. Is the runner dead if they check centrals and leave remotes? ;-)

@Badeesh Sorry. I promised I'd post my list after Worlds. =-)

12 Nov 2015 skyrunner36

For extra jank, drop architect for a copy of Ash and stick it on archives. Then proceed to laugh at your opponent's misery.

12 Nov 2015 hi_impact

@Zeromus Expect a lot of questions Zeromus. I know there is a huge secret IG fanbase out there. Congrats on going very positive with IG!

Did you ever try Allele Repression over Archived Memories? Archived is simpler, but one IAA of Allele can recover up to two Mushins / Ronins. Or more if you so desire. Frees up some influence for better ICE or DBS.

12 Nov 2015 tzeentchling

Would you take it to 54 cards, to fit in more ice?

13 Nov 2015 Zeromus

@skyrunner36 Ash on archives is clever, actually. I never thought about it. They'll probably just pay the 3-4 to get in though.

@hi_impact I did try Allele Repression, but the biggest problem is that it swaps cards, and I don't necessarily want to lose the cards in my hand. It is probably worth revisiting.

@tzeentchling I've tested 54 cards, but as a combo deck, I don't want to increase variability too much. Also, I'd have to add another crappy agenda or two, and there isn't really one I like.

13 Nov 2015 gozik

Ash on archives acually hurts this deck. it is absolute misplay.

For reference:

If Ash 2X3ZB9CY's trace is successful during a run on Archives, the facedown cards in archives are still turned faceup.

15 Nov 2015 Daine

Great deck. And I love Sealed Vault. Such an underplayed card. Thanks for the list.

18 Nov 2015 Mechanoise

Seeing Industrial Genomics at Worlds commands high respect! It's still my favourite corp ID. I'm going to try your build. I'm running a long standing 59 card deck that I've posted up here. If I'm lucky, would love to test my deck against yours. :) Well done.

19 Nov 2015 Heartthrob

"The basic combo is: Before end of the runner's turn, rez Chairman Hiro. They discard down to 3 cards. Play Neural EMP. No I've Had Worse hit? Advance Ronin. Rez Ronin. Trigger Ronin. Dead runner."

Yup. That's how you killed me at Worlds.

20 Nov 2015 steveklabnik

Played this today, really enjoyed it. I lost a game to apocalypse, which was pretty brutal, given there's no real way to stop it. I could have won that game earlier, had I not made a mistake, though. Lamprey also cost me a game, when Noise milled my good economy cards + cyberdex, and having to manually clear virus counters was too slow. Bad beats happen.

It still reminds me of PE, at its fundamentals: you have to read your opponent, make smart plays, but I love having so many prickly cards. At one point, I had all three Snare!s in hand, costing 8 to trash. So brutal.

20 Nov 2015 Mechanoise

@steveklabnik Swapping a card for Hostile Infrastructure will help against Apocalypse as all net damage is assigned in one go when it goes off, so the Runner must deal with it beforehand. Don't forget there is always the snipe from hand.

24 Nov 2015 4dd150n

I love Cerebral Overwriter in just about any deck, but does using Mushin No Shin on it really help that much? MNS restricts you from rezzing the target card until the beginning of your next turn. Doesn't that give the runner a free window to check if it's a trap or not?

24 Nov 2015 Zeromus

@4dd150n Ambushes do not need to be rezzed to trigger. Only accessed while installed.

24 Nov 2015 4dd150n

@Zeromus I am now embarrassed. This is why I didn't go to Worlds.

7 Jan 2016 Butters

Whats would be your MWL alterations to the deck? I've been trying out -1x Archived Memories -1x Turtlebacks, +1x Allele Repression +1x Daily Business Show . But not sure cause the deck needs the early turtlebacks.

What card would you cut for the Daily Business Show or the Hostile Infrastructure you suggested above if apocalypse gets popular?

7 Jan 2016 Zeromus

@Butters I've tried Allele over Archived and it is just so much worse. Architect may get cut, especially if Parasite dies down some. I've also been testing one less GFI for Hades Fragment.

8 Jan 2016 M1ke

How difficult is a match-up against any Eater - Keyhole deck? (Can we call it Eathole)?

8 Jan 2016 steveklabnik

A turn 1 keyhole hurts a lot, but it's not automatically game over. You have to change how you play; if they purely focus on R&D, you have free reign with Ronin. Sometimes they will just get luck and you'll straight lose though.

12 Jan 2016 dtelad11

Deus X x-(