Startupmodernism lacking licence (2nd at 2nd Beantsalk tmt)

TheRobin 8

A couple of very small changes to the basic Startuppostmodernism deck. 3 Mestnichestves are important vs Boat and are good in general. Vs Padma getting one down on RnD early helps a lot with them not getting free counters and needing to actually find breakers (and turbine) so that buys some time.

The full suite of 3 Public Trails, End of the Lines and Retribution, because I want to punishment as early as possible. So that when I need it I have a high chance of having it. Sinking Boat/Breakers usually wins the game or gives a relatively large window to score. I realized during testing that Mining Licence is rarely needed and the time it got clicked for credits was more than one turn, so I never made more than 4 credits of it, which isn't significantly better than just clicking for credits, and at times even WORSE than advancing for credits, so I cut it and never regretted it so far. Clearinghouses can (in theory) help with a kill by dealing that one or two extra damage needed for EotL to be lethal, but in my games that was never a factor. Never advance it more than 2 cause pinhole threading exists anyway and it's too slow to try and kill with it. Often it's just a nice bait for the runner to waste some credits/boat counters on. And if the don't bite, I'd usually just fire for that 1 damage and have room for other stuff I might draw in that turn.

I tend to try to always install advance the agendas in the remote, even if it's an Atlas, the extra counter is incredibly helpful at finding whatever you need later at instant speed or reduce agenda density on last ditch effort RnD runs. Also I'm not too shy to just install advance an Oaktown for money (it gets you net 3 credits for the first click, which is huge tempo, while also pressuring the runner to run and spend money). Just accept that you will lose some agendas in remotes to either them paying to break, or getting an early Inside Job or whatever. But in the long run you're usually better off trying to put something down there (if you have reasonably taxing ice for the runners rig) and either force them to run or get benefit of them not running. Also the 3 Public Trails and punishment cards make it so the runner always has to fear succesfully running as well. Never throw away Public Trails. You often need more than one to get through the No Free Lunch on the runners side and often they don't anticipate needing 2 NFL.

Vs Boat/Criminals I tend to fully ice Centrals first to make it harder for them to get econ going early. And while the deck wants to be go and score fast, I think in these cases it slows down the Runner more than it slows down the Corp, so I found that fairly helpful.

20 May 2023 Tinweazel

It feels SO damn good to get paid that one credit to put a counter back on a Mestnichestvo - right after the runner was forced to cough up 3. :)

I get that the economics of Oaktown are better than the office, you get credits IMMEDIATELY after advancing it for the first time, leaving you with more money to rez ICE, as opposed to getting credits once the agenda is scored.

But I think I'm too much of a weenie to want to play with open information.

Did you ever experiment with the Money Now/Money Later mix to see which combination made more sense for you?

21 May 2023 TheRobin

I guess the "money now" was supposed to be Oaktown Renovations, yeah? I never felt the need to experiment much with the Agenda suit. I really like Oaktown Renovations and I don't think I've scored Offworld a whole lot in this deck. I guess if you don't want to play with open information Agendas, you can always swap the count to 3 offworld 1 oaktown and see how that works out for you. But generally I think the tempo and money from oaktown is way better, also because you'll almost never end up in a situation where you can't afford to advance it, which can happen more often with other agendas if you needed to rez more ice in the mean time

But I hear you, at the beginning I was also a bit hesitant to use it, but now it's one of my favourite agendas tbh, so I'd encourage you to just try it and see what happens. Also I'm comfortable with the idea of the runner getting some agendas from the remote sooner or later. As long as I get some tempo from it for either future scoring windows or public trail punishment I'm fine with that. And in that case Oaktown at least already got me some benefit instead of nothing