Offworld Office

Offworld Office 4/2

Agenda: Expansion
Influence: 0

When you score this agenda, gain 7[credit].

As the first lunar city, Heinlein was built on the dreams of a new frontier and boundless opportunity, but He3 mining is too lucrative for the corps to ever relinquish control.
Illustrated by Benjamin Giletti
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System Gateway (sg)

#67 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

No rulings yet for this card.


This agenda is part of the series of agendas that virtually cost nothing to score for the corp. They even give you more than they cost!

Offworld Office will give the corp a net 3, letting the corp advance their game plan after scoring.

Cyberdex Sandbox give you back the 4 needed to score it.

Corporate Sales Team give you a net of 6 over 5 turns to advance your game plan.

A 40 deck sized corp could use only those neutral agenda and it would be a very good choice. Is having 4/2 neutral agenda that are better than in faction 4/2 agenda a good thing? I think it will allow the exploration of certain deck archetype in different faction, using the faction strenght for the archetype.

For deck than want to rush out, Offworld Office is better than Cyberdex Sandbox and Corporate Sales Team. Getting you 3 (net) just after scoring is very good. Even better if you have ways to put advancement more efficiently, like if you use Seamless Launch or with Weyland Consortium: Built to Last.

The lore in the quote and the art is just like the power of the card : excellent.

(System Update 2021 era)

Offworld Office does not net the Corp any credits. It costs one click to install the card, as well as four clicks and four credits to fully advance it. If you treat the opportunity cost of one click as one credit, then it costs the Corp nine credits to score Offworld Office. (Arguably, the opportunity cost of one Corp click is higher than one credit, as the Corp can generally gain more than one credit per click.) Given Offworld Office only rewards the Corp with seven credits, that's a net loss.

That said, I should also add that I think Offworld Office still rewards the Corp too much. I agree with Elusive ( Offworld Office does too much to alleviate the loss of tempo that would otherwise follow the scoring of an agenda.

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