2nd swiss German Nats - undefeated against non world champs

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So I went 9-1 with this thing during German Nats Weekend. 4-0 at the König von Deutschland Team Event and 5-1 in the Main Event only dropping a single Game against World Champ Pinsel in an 60 minute Geist game.

2nd in swiss and then i dropped. My girlfriend and I reached an agreement, that i could go to nats, but only two days, cause we have a little babygirl at home. I was thinking for a while and talked with 5noopi about that and came to the conclusion, that i would never make top 8 in that field. Also Team Events are great and König von Deutschland sounded escpecially promising with bathrobes and Burgerking Crowns for the top team. So i decided to go Friday and Saturday. As i kept winning long talks were hold but I decided for once to do the right thing and go back home to my fam.

So why Mirrormorph? I heard ETF was a thing shortly before i started with Netrunner and after seeing jakuzas lasercut Mirrormirrormorph i decided to try this one with the idea in mind to buy one from jakuza as well. I learned that mirrors were not for sale tho and I need to play well to get one. I think that boosted performance.

Often times you just gain a credit, that is correct. But money makes the world go round and it adds up during the game to be pretty valuable.

But then there is some cool stuff you can do in Mirrormorph with cards like MCA Austerity Policy. You can fast advance a SSL one turn earlier or get vitruvius with counters. I added 2 Fast tracks in the mix to get vitruvius in the turn your mca pops or to draw an ssl in hand the turn before the 3rd tick.

Other cool things mirror allows are Restore for Bass, click Bass, Install Vitruvius, triple advance. Or Red Level Clearance for Bass and gain click, Click bass, Install two pointer, and quadruple advance.

You don't have to fear Clot to much, cause if they can't trash mca out of the jinja remote they often won't be able to get the advanced agenda in the remote anyway.

The MVP in the list was clearly Restore, a completely underappreciated card in my opinion.

Restore was used to:

  • keep MCA ticking in the remote all game long
  • install border controls onto the remote
  • get jinja, rashida or ngo back in the remote
  • installed agendas milled by stargate
  • installed bass, that i discarded to fast advance afterwards

Vitruvius Counters are also getting back all your annoying stuff


against Hayley you just have to be fast, a ticking mca is denying them proco value and just don't play around clot too much. Your remote is fine. Against Kloppstock and Percomis on the winning Geist list i was just to fast. Against Percomis i fast advanced two early ssl with MCA's and a vitruvius with restore/bass later. Hoshikos also needed some setup so i often just scored regular in a normal 2 ice remote. The Loss against Pinsels Geist i actually have no idea what i coud have done different. Had my winning vitruvius in a 5 iced remote for 4 turns straight but Pinsel kept doing Pinsel things. Congrats on the back to back Pinsel.

Play of the weekend:

Under total credit denial i manged to get from 0 to 14 credits in one turn.

Click MCA, pop MCA, Credit, Mirrormorph Credit, Restore NGO, Advance NGO and pop, Hedge Fund, IPO

Best 3 Minutes of the Weekend:

Against Kloppstocks Geist, when he breaks surveyors tag trace with grappling hook and says end the run fires. After complete 3 minute silence and staring contests he asks „you thinking?“ I thought he let end the run fire and was thinking about his next click and he thought I was thinking about wether to increase the etr trace or not. We broke out in laughter and continued.

Game of the Weekend:

60 minute Geist against Mastermind Pinsel. I don't know what to say. I just noticed a lot of heads shaking by the guys standing around watching our game. Wait for his list and see him play that thing. It is indescribable. Well Played.

Thx to all of the organizers, all the lovely people I met , my metafolks helping me thru the entire weekend and Nisei for continuing that adventure.

I had an absolute blast

12 Jan 2020 MazeBerlin

well done!!

12 Jan 2020 @Bookkeeper

Great stuff! I had a blast playing Stonar's Rushy MirrorMorph (with now illegal ELP & EffCom/Cold Site Server shenanigans) - will definitely try out this list. Congrats on your performance!

12 Jan 2020 Saan

You died so that i may live. I only got 6th place; sorry buddy =(

12 Jan 2020 lazychef13

added the Matchups section

@MazeBerlinthank you @@Bookkeeperthx. i actually never played the old mirrormorph build with effcom since i had been on next design the entire time since mirror came out. I hope you have fun with this build. @Saanno worries, i am proud of you nonetheless. Well done :)

12 Jan 2020 lazychef13

added the Matchups section

@MazeBerlin thank you

@@Bookkeeperthx. i actually never played the old mirrormorph build with effcom since i had been on next design the entire time since mirror came out. I hope you have fun with this build.

@Saan no worries, i am proud of you nonetheless. Well done :)

12 Jan 2020 Anzekay

so fucking stoked to see a MM list do well, and one using so many of the tricks I'd found to be amazingly satisfying during playtesting

13 Jan 2020 5N00P1

@lazychef13Congratulations, I was so happy seeing you on MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration would have played it, if I could :D

13 Jan 2020 ayyyliens

I told you on friday you should believe in yourself and make cut! :D

13 Jan 2020 lazychef13

@Anzekay thx it was pretty difficult to test it in advance, most of the people i asked about that MM said: "uuhh i don't know, needs to be tested". But nobody had a general idea what could work and if MM can pull it off. Beeing the only Mirrormorph in the field showed that as well. So I am more then happy to put MM on the map for more diversity.

@5N00P1 to bad you had to handle the whole weekend organizing. Would have loved to have a Mirrorfriend with me to discuss between rounds. But without you and all the helpers pulling that event off i wouldn't be able to play that at all. so well done

@ayyyliens thx for the kind words, from now on I will choose the two days that include the cut :P

14 Jan 2020 vesper

@lazychef13 congrats on a great run!

14 Jan 2020 Watzlav

I remembered the first time we met three years ago. "I play kill CI, because I don't care for Corp and just wanna get it over with." Look at you now, I'm very proud. :)