Identity: Division • Deck: 45 • Influence: 15

If the first, second, and third actions you take on your turn are different from each other, when the third completes, you may gain 1credit or take another different action, paying 1click less.

Haas-Bioroid • Kira L. Nguyen • Downfall 31
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MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration
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  • NISEI Downfall Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    If the Corp is playing Mirrormorph and the third action they take on their turn is to play a Terminal operation, do they get a bonus action?

    Yes. Playing an operation is not normally considered complete until step 8.6.11, after the “after you resolve” ability from the Terminal ends the action phase. If Mirrormorph were already pending at that time, it would be cancelled as per rule 5.4.3b, but it only meets its trigger condition at the next checkpoint after that (5.4.3d). Therefore Mirrormorph’s ability is the very next thing to happen after the action phase is ended.

    Note that in this circumstance, if the extra action from Mirrormorph gives the Corp any clicks, they will not be able to take additional actions to spend those clicks, since the game has already progressed to the discard phase.

    If the Corp clears Employee Strike with one of their three actions (or between), does MirrorMorph trigger?


    If the Corp’s third action is to install a Calvin B4L3Y, can they rez Calvin and use its action with MirrorMorph?

    No, there is no window to rez cards between completing your third action and resolving MirrorMorph’s ability.

    Is there a paid ability window for the Runner to install Clot with Clone Chip after the Corp’s third action, or can the Corp immediately use the bonus action to place the final advancement counter on an agenda and score it in the next paid ability window?

    There is no paid ability window between completing the Corp’s third action and resolving MirrorMorph’s ability. Clot must be installed before the third action (or in the middle of it, if the action includes a nested timing structure with a paid ability window) to be able to stop the Corp from scoring with their extra action.


MirrorMorph. Such a shame that Shipment from MirrorMorph rotated with the new System Core. At first, I said that mostly as a joke, but the more cards from Downfall are previewed, the more I believe that the shipment would've made a powerful tool in this deck.

Any new HB ID will inevitably be compared to Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future, so let's just get it out of the way. In this case, the comparison isn't entirely without reason, either. Both have a triggering condition, that, when met, can give you 1. So is MirrorMorph just a strictly worse ETF? Not quite, since if you can take four different 's, you can get an extra action instead. And I assume most people will agree that a is worth more than a . So you'll end up triggering this less often than ETF, but when you do trigger it, it will be stronger.

However, by default, the options available to you don't really encourage you to take 4 different actions per turn. Draw/Event/Install/Advance, maybe but that seems like a stretch. Luckily, assets with abilities also count. MCA Austerity Policy seems especially potent in this kind of deck. And in Downfall, we're getting a few more assets that can help with this style of deck: Nanoetching Matrix and Calvin B4L3Y.

However, all of these assets have a problem: they can be trashed. And apart from MCAAP, you can't put them in your scoring remote, since you need to keep them around to make use of them. This would mean some kind of asset-spam deck would work better, but MirrorMorph doesn't provide any way to protect your assets. A of 3 is not cheap, but it won't stop a runner. And yes, you do get some value when this happens, but getting all your assets blown up all the time means you can't take advantage of your ID.

But what if you ICE'd them? Historically, asset-spam decks don't bother putting ICE on their assets: they need the ICE they have to defend their central servers and scoring remote, and decks like Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon and NBN: Controlling the Message have ways to stop you from just trashing all their assets. However, the existence of the card Fully Operational seems to hint at the fact that NISEI wants us to ICE our asset remotes... or is at least willing to reward us when we do.

In this approach, you would use cheap, taxing ICE, not to stop the runner, but to make them pay even more for trashing your Nanoetching Matrix and Calvin B4L3Y. When they do, you get more money and cards, that you can then use to play more assets and ICE, and so forth. Agenda-flood can be solved with Preemptive Action, Gatekeeper, Drudge Work, Attitude Adjustment, and so forth.

This would lead to a very snowball style deck: if you can get enough assets in play to draw lots of cards and gain lots of credits which you use to get ahead further and further. If the runner can stop you, you'll probably be helplessly flailing trying to stop them. I'm curious to see what this deck ends up looking like. Maybe I'm looking in completely the wrong direction, and is there a combination of cards that is yet stronger still. And CSR Campaign still needs to find a place somewhere...

One final note about the ID: getting operations that can let you install cards is important. Lateral Growth and Red Level Clearance can assist when you want to install an asset, ICE it, and still get four . Maybe Advanced Assembly Lines can be used to "store" an install for when you need it. Shipment from MirrorMorph would've worked great here, letting you fill the board with your assets, but sadly, it is not meant to be.

(System Core 2019 era)
Pad Pad Factory could be great too, as noticed Beyoken ^^ —