All Data, All Destiny v1.whatever

afishisborn 2773

Rising up to LeonardQuirm's challenge, here's my take on a D&D only runner. It's mostly the same, but -2 Dr Lovegood and -3 Globalsec Security Clearance in favor of +2 Brainchips and +3 GS Shrike M2. Sentries will trash your shit in a way that barriers and code gates generally won't (Wormhole and Lycan excluded), so having a dedicated sentry breaker is important. With Heartbeat, we can run it alongside Endless Hunger to get in fairly regularly. 3 copies, since we'll probably be wanting to nuke the board a lot. 2 Brain chips means that we can potentially get some use out of our Multithreaders later in the game, and Endless Hunger can trash Heartbeat during a run to make room for the install. I would deem this deck awful, but actually slightly playable.