All Data, All Destiny

LeonardQuirm 971

This deck has one purpose - to be a legal runner deck built out of just D&D cards. I hear that there aren't any decklists in the Data and Destiny insert, unlike in the previous big boxes. Turns out that the reason isn't because you can't build legal decks: here's one with Apex!

Regarding the other runners:

  • Sunny isn't possible. She can get to 48 cards with 24 influence used (and all 1-influence cards taken at max), but the 50 card limit for her deck stops it working.

  • Adam is technically possible using just Data and Destiny cards, although not using just one set of Data and Destiny! The only way you can get 45 cards is by including 3 copies of his directives in his deck, which means you need a fourth copy to start play with. Best reason for buying the pack twice?

Now...does anyone fancy trying to run this?

9 Sep 2015 Pinkwarrior

@LeonardQuirm You know you can't actually use Dr. Lovegood / Technical Writer writer right?. Also Multithreader & Security Chip are pointless also making 15 of your influence pointless. Which I would say is probably why their aren't any decklists in D&D.

9 Sep 2015 Isvan

You can use Lovegood and Technical Writer if the Corp has played Cerebral Static!

9 Sep 2015 Yziel

Apex can't play Technical Writer or Dr. Lovegood. On top of that you can't ever play Globalsec Security Clearance because you don't have enough link. And windfall is going to bet you like 1-2 credits most of the time making it useless. And Security is incredibly close to pointless with Endless Hunger as your only breaker and you can't use myltithreader on anything.

I don't really see the point, sure you can build a deck using only D&D but over half your deck is dead draws 100% of the time that can only be used for his ability.

I can't imagine ever playing anything like that.

9 Sep 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Isvan Thats a big IF

9 Sep 2015 PaxCecilia

Very surprised at the responses to this deck... he pretty clearly outlined the point: it's possible to make a legal D&D-only runner deck.

One of my favourite things about this pile is that Windfall gives you a maximum of 3c. Glorious.

9 Sep 2015 Treiclon

It's true you can't play all those cards. But I'm going to take on devil's attorney role and say that you can install those cards facedown anyway.

But anyway @LeonardQuirm, you could use Sunny's breakers instead of Dr. Lovegood and GSC. I think Apex could benefit from using those in some cases.

9 Sep 2015 LeonardQuirm

@Treiclon oh what, we're going to try and make it good now? :-P

Fair point actually, you could swap out 3* Dr. Lovegood and 3* Globalsec Security Clearance for 2* each of Sunny's breakers.

Alternatively, we could upgrade 2 of the 1-influence cards for Security Nexus to give Windfall an opportunity to strike big!

Oh wait, now we're back to terrible ideas again.

9 Sep 2015 Sabin76

@Yziel If there was ever an identity that didn't mind that half the deck was dead draws... this is it.

9 Sep 2015 Pinkwarrior

If you took out the 3x Globalsec Security Clearance for Safety First which would actually be useful since your installing all the time and you have the Heartbeat to counter the downside plus it'll use more influence up.

9 Sep 2015 dr00

not sure why everyone's so worried about APEX' non-virtual resources. APEX can play every card in this deck.... facedown :P

10 Sep 2015 RTsa

Even though people point out the Cerebral Static thing as a joke, it's actually surprisingly relevant. As Jinteki, you definitely DO play CS if you've included it in your deck and draw it against APEX. I've seen this happen twice (there's a stream by bewnt where he does this and I played it vs APEX once in an OCTGN game too) and it actually works quite well vs it. Losing the facedown installs ability early is a huge pain.

It's probably still not worth it to include non-virtual resources in an APEX deck, at least not until CS is ubiquitous in the meta you play in.

10 Sep 2015 afishisborn

I made a few changes to your deck over here. With Endless Hunger and GS Shrike on the table, there are actually very few servers you can't get into. Notable problem ice are Lycan, RSVP, Wormhole, and Inazuma