ctz 2875

Go fast.

2 May 2018 Sanjay

Better write-up than 95% of the stuff I've written.

2 May 2018 spags

alt fatherdan

2 May 2018 scd

So you're saying I can go slow with this

3 May 2018 ctz

I'd recommend it

3 May 2018 Scotty Dave

How does Little Engine go in a Grappling Hook meta?

3 May 2018 adquen

Little Engine is amazing against Pirate Hayley - it's out of reach for Savant and not breakable by the resource breakers. Considering that, it's nearly meaningless that it's breakable for a profit of 5 bucks with Grappling Hook. I've been playing Little Engine in another (probably worse) Azmari deck of mine, mostly against Black Orchestra, and it's okay against nearly everything in the meta. Not amazing, but it does the job (most of the time).

3 May 2018 Kopiok

Things like Little Engine are the reason I went crazy and use 2x Cyberdelia instead of a real console in my version of Pirate Hayley. It's nice to be able to get Savant to 7 if needed (or 6 if you need to rush your Paperclip out before a second Dehg comes on) for closing out the game.

4 May 2018 ctz

After playing another 16 games with this I really like it and it is doing well. I've updated to:


Spiderweb = bitey bois + okay paperclip "tax"

Jua = put it front of wrap or little engine and anarchs have to hard install stuff

Guard = Nexus + gear check + logic bomb

Expose = mining accident deccs (I might switch this for some other bad tech card)

EULA is way better than I thought it was.