Compulsive Buccaneer

twisty_b 625

"Adam! You're free! What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to become ... a pirate."

First pass at a Pirate Adam deck. You don't get Hayley's click compression or Geist's ludicrous draw, but you do get your directives for a bit of conditional draw and a sort-of Spy Cams effect. Most importantly, you get a full triple broadside of beautiful, shiny Logic Bombs. Could God create a treasure map so cryptic, He could never find the loot?

I decided the DDMs were more important than the Tech Traders/Peddlers; your nautical mileage may vary. It might be worth squeezing a Levy in to bring the piracy back: there's definitely a risk of ending up marooned on some godforsaken island, bombless, birdless, and crocless, with only an Overmind for company. That can get expensive. But since each Logic Bomb is essentially a cryptid and a Grappling Hook in one - and free to install! - I decided a third DDM would be better.

4-1 at Reading's 20-person May GNK: wins over Azmari (twice), AoT, and Jemison (with heavy shenanigans); loss to spiky Palana.

6 May 2018 Arameas

It is a good deck. Makes me wonder if I should have tried similar. the DDM's were good against my AoT ( I mean 4 ruins most peoples day :P ) It worked well :D

17 May 2018 b3ar

What do you think about Tech Traders instead of Career Fair?

17 May 2018 twisty_b

@b3ar Definitely worth a look. But Casts/Data Folding for free/Earthrise for 1 feels really good early on when you're a bit skint and poking around for the early agenda. Plus Career Fairs help you clear your hand for the Safety First draws.

@Arameas Thanks! Enjoyed that game. Not having to pay for all those subroutines definitely helped.