Mad Lamb Disease

InanimateLog 441

Use Sahasrarehrezade to install Yusuf, a baby sheep, and lots of other stuff too I guess.

Since the deck doesn't use (much) money to break stuff, Nasir is basically all the econ needed.

The deck originally had 3 Levy Advanced Research Lab purely so I could say I put that card in a deck, but Laguna Velasco is probably better.

16 May 2018 Skeletons
16 May 2018 InanimateLog

I have failed.

16 May 2018 djkokakola

Why not add [Surfer] to this so you can actually make it through?

16 May 2018 InanimateLog

That was a complete oversight on my part. Egret and Lamb served similar functions but at least one Plague should be changed to a Surfer.

19 May 2018 Pinkwarrior

How do you protect your self from Hard-Hitting News seems like with no econ other than Nasirs ability your kinda screwed to that and punitive if you don't find the 1 off FC.