Late Game MaxX - Euros 2018

Kikai 581

Went 5-3 at Euros 2018

  • vs CtM (Win) - took an aggressive line, and it payed off
  • vs Skorp (Win) - played by the books (mulligan/draw for breakers. rebirth into Quetzal (not Omar) if possible. Ignore Oaktown).
  • vs CtM (Win) - took a non-aggressive line, and it payed off
  • vs Skorp (Lose) - took a slow (Maw) line - but otherwise played by the books, got to 6 points only to make a huge misplay by installing Aumakua the same turn that I stole an agenda
  • vs Skorp (Win) - luck sac stole 9 points from R&D turn 2
  • vs Echo Chamber Azmari (Lose) - clicked for credits (good), made several small misplays by poking centrals for single accesses (bad), paid through the nose for Ice Carver (good), tried to be clever by retrieval running femme for tollbooth instead of just using black orchestra (bad). Hit a SSL and got double punitive'd.
  • vs CtM (Lose) - took an aggressive line, and it didn't pay off
  • vs ASA (Win) - let the Corp score 5 points in a Jinja remote, while I built up a Data Folding + Maw central lock

Maw and Data Folding are slow cards (slow is another word for bad), which excel in the late game once you've established a remote lock.

MaxX helps accelerate you into that remote lock.

Test Run was a last minute replacement for the 2nd Levy AR Lab Access (which, with rebirth, never gets played). On the day I didn't use it once.

The only change I might make is removing another I've Had Worse to add the 2nd MKUltra back in. Possibly, we could cut the last I've Had Worse for a 3rd Stimhack.

Alternatively, play a more regular MaxX list that isn't built around slow (bad) cards.