Steamed Hams but its a MaxX Deck (Euros, 75th)

Skeletons 147

(when I named this deck this meme was still fresh I swear)

Most of the credit for this deck goes to the excellent CTZ. If you’ve seen his MaxX lists, the influence should be pretty obvious.

I’ve been a fan of his 3 Indexing + 3 Wanton style since my very first game with it. I was really struggling to find a flavour of MaxX I enjoyed in the wake of rotation, but a deck like this quickly reminded me why she’s truly my favourite runner.

All I did was to take the Mad Dash plays at the heart of the deck, and lean into them hard.

I added Notoriety and Turntable (my fave console) to steal faster wins. Plus my extra special spice that was the single Out of the Ashes. Throw it in the bin and throw out the Notoriety too, then if you ever find yourself at 6 points you can immediately close out the game with a hat trick turn and a Same Old Notoriety.

It’s a cute combo and hey, it’s (mostly) MaxX-proof!

Aside from that it is a straightforward deck. Against asset spam or FA you hammer centrals, against glacier you build up a mountain of cash and pick your moments. Wanton Destruction is brutal against any corp that keeps their tools in HQ. Respect the HHN and run smart.

I got to 75th place, which for me is incredible. MaxX managed 5-3 by the end of the day with wins against 2 Skorp, 2 Titan and PE. Her losses were to another Titan, a Biotech with Urban Renewal, and a taxing Palana glacier.

This was my first time at Euros... and as it turns out, also my last. :(

I’m just thankful I made it to at least one of them - and I’m super happy for what I achieved with not only my favourite ID, but a deck full of my favourite cards to boot! To me, that feels like the ideal Netrunner experience. :D

20 Jun 2018 stoppableforce

3 indexings + 3 wanton? In this meta, at this event, with this player, concentrated entirely within this deck?

20 Jun 2018 Skeletons

@stoppableforce Yes!

20 Jun 2018 stoppableforce

@Skeletons ... may I see it?

20 Jun 2018 Skeletons

@stoppableforce No.

20 Jun 2018 Cpt_nice

Well Skeletons, you are an odd fellow. But I must say, you make a good deck.

20 Jun 2018 InanimateLog


20 Jun 2018 Skeletons

@InanimateLog No, Log - it's just Indexing!

20 Jun 2018 Skeletons