InanimateLog 441

The phrase "bad publicity glacier" may invoke laughter and incredulity from some. With bad pub, runs are 1 credit cheaper so a glacier strategy seems quite counter-intuitive. Theoretically, if a server is powerful enough, then even with the bad pub it's a real pain to break. So this is what the deck is meant to do; use bad pub, The Outfit and Illicit Sales, etc. to generate bonkers amounts of money and use it to rez lots of big ice.

It performed quite well in the three games I've played with it. The version I played with ran originally 3 Chiyashi, but I added Hadrian's Wall as it's similar to break with Paperclip and leaves influence for Fairteenager.

Psychic Field is there because if you leave an unrezzed asset in an open remote, they'll likely check it with all the bad pub. Never came up in practice, but it's still hilarious.

28 Jun 2018 Cpt_nice

The Psychic Field is also great spice vs 419

2 Jul 2018 Netrunnerunner

I think the Checkpoints give your opponent way too much free economy for no real benefit. The complete lack of facecheck punishment combined with the huge pile of bad publicity you give the runner lets them just walk through it; they won't have to spend (many) real credits to match the base trace, which means you'll have to drain your credit pool just to get it to do anything. And given how few damage cards you run, they probably won't care too much about the meat damage even if you get the trace to stick. Even worse, they run through it, use the bad pub to install Black Orchestra or any program from their deck with Self-modifying Code, then jack out at no cost. I would swap the Checkpoints out for two Surveyor (one of the few ICE that can tax a runner who's rich with bad pub) and a Mausolus or something. You already have 15 potential bad pub through the other cards in your deck; you don't need to actively help the runner just to squeeze in a few more.