Mega-Corp Commission Committee

ggDropbear 211

As someone who is currently running a TagMe MaxX deck, having the tag engine on your first turn is a GODSEND. No more mulliganing for God of War. No more milling God of War and having it at the bottom of your deck. No more games where you just lose because you got three Mars for Martians in hand with zero tags. It's just you being a politician out there in the spotlight throwing out shade on all the corp's secrets and them not being able to do jack about it because Paparazzi.

The flowchart:

Are they playing HB or NBN without tags? Congratulations, you've won the game.

Are they playing Jinteki? Focus on doing quicker and smaller Counter Surveillance runs as well as keeping your hand fully stocked.

Are they playing NBN with tags? Play fast and use porous ICE to your advantage. Use your CS hits to work out if a Psychographics is in the deck and to close out the game before then. Putting out Fall Guy and Paparazzi is usually enough time to telegraph if there's a boomcombo.

Are they playing Weyland?


One of two plans - Mulligan for Paparazzi/Wireless Net/Fall Guy and don't do Liza runs until you've got protection if it's a slower Weyland ID, or go as fast as possible to win before they find HPT and use Fall Guy/Paparazzi as warning signs and money siphons.

Things To Change

While Paragon looks OP on the face of it, putting in a Logos for the ability to find combo pieces whenever the corp scores is tempting, as well as being able to hold onto an additional card. Some people have even recommended Box-E for a 7 card hand so that while playing against Jinteki you have 9 cards of protection during a run. This will most likely be a flex spot - you might not even need a console at all.

Tycoon is only here to stop Wraparound from activating, as well as turning EULA into a 3 to break instead of 6. Turtle is the real breaker here.

This is probably not the best way to build this deck, and there's going to be a matchup where Weyland just gives up and assassinates you. But that's the price you pay for being out there in public.

29 Jun 2018 deleriad

Cool deck. I played something similar last night. I think Paragon is actually very key. Potentially seeing three cards per turn is pretty huge, especially as it and Liza is your only form of draw. Mine wasn't quite this focused and has a janky rebirth in it because you very quickly have all the tags you'll ever need.

8 Jul 2018 zmb

High-Profile Target says hi! :D Maybe add an Imp for your deep digs, to remove HPT or Closed Accounts or other nasty tag cards!