Allstuff Professor

em-crabtree 66

(Edit: I missed a card! See for the real allstuff)

Why limit yourself to the goodstuff when you can have allstuff?

Pretty sure this is the largest possible legal Netrunner deck, but feel free to prove me wrong.

Don't forget to bring the G-mod IDs for DJ Fenris.

Play against for maximum shuffling.

30 Jun 2018 Dead Drop

I tried it in real life and my enemy conceded because he was impressed by the height of the stack and by the presence of my other two friends whose role was to keep the tower in place.

3 Jul 2018 Hieronymus

To be honest, the fact that you could even be bothered to type all this in is a tesitment to you dedication. I, sir, applaud you!

6 Jul 2018 rubyvr00m

This looks like a great meta call if PU is popular. You've got the potential for well over 1500HP with the 3 LARLA.

26 Jul 2018 EnderA

Should've included Rebirth instead to become Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker for shuffling synergy.

Also, this deck contains an infinite credit combo. (Hint: Surfer + Kyuban.)

26 Jul 2018 EnderA

Ah, my mistake, you didn't include Baba Yaga, so no infinite credit combo.

3 Aug 2018 em-crabtree

Oh, shit, I missed a card? Guess I gotta publish an update.

Re: Rebirth, there are more g-mod IDs than Shaper IDs (not counting The Professor, of course). Guess it's a matter of maximizing for deck size vs. shuffling.