15 Love

deleriad 104

This went 2-1 at a small GNK but more through luck than judgement I think. The stars of the show were Arella Salvatore, Remote Enforcement and Bifrost Array. In ever game I ended up with a double Archer remote rezzed for free.

Game 1 win vs Geist. A bit to and fro. We were trading agendas while he set up and I had a double Archer remote. Then, with his whole deck in the heap and a Levy in his hand, I scored Chronos Project. Goodnight.

Game 2 loss to MaxX vengenance. A turn 2 zer0 and Clan vengeance was very unpleasant. We traded some agendas and I Chronosed about 1/4 of his deck with half of his breakers. It wasn't enough, I leaked too many agendas with a Turntable in play and he found the final one after in the archives after a Clan trash. My double archer remote was a thing of beauty.

Game 3 win vs 419. A grind to the end made beautiful with a double Archer remote. I kept purging the turtle but took a long, long time to lock him out. Every time I scored or lost an agenda his two Pad taps made as much money as my ID. I managed to fire a Gatekeeper once and shuffled three agendas back into R&D which I finally locked up. Then was able to chain through three in a row thanks to Arella Salvatore.

Looking back. This deck is chronically short of money and runs out of gas. I never saw a Meridian until late in the third game. Fast Break was weak sauce and I couldn't afford a Biotic Labor. The deck folds to turntable, Employee Strike and Film Critic. The ice suite is taxing but too expensive. The agenda suite plus Arella Salvatore is probably the best thing about this deck. It lacks something to bring the whole thing together.

15 love because there's 15 agendas and 15 ICE.

8 Jul 2018 skydivingninja

I played an Arella/Sportsmetal deck today and found that I was also fairly short on money with 3 Rashidas, 3 Hedges, and 3 IPOs, so yeah even with sportsmetal/hyperloop more money is necessary. That being said, the games I've won ended with getting 5 clicks from Game Changer with an Arella-advanced agenda in play, scoring that agenda, and then scoring another out of hand, so maybe go with one or two Game Changers in place of Biotic and Fast Break.

I'm also thinking that the way to go with Sportsmetal is to look at a bunch of 2 pointers + Hyperloops and a Chronos Project rather than go all in on 1 pointers. So that'll free up some space for your econ.

12 Jul 2018 deleriad

@skydivingninjaI think you're right that if you can get game changer and arella on the go that you can pull a win out of nowhere. I'm trying a different tack now though and going for all 1-pointers and using the campaigns to generate money and drag the runner through remotes a lot. It turns on Giordano field nicely. Still not a lot of success but fun experimenting.