QWOPerado — pretty good, NorCal Regionals

aleph_c 624

It turns out that having four kinds of Desperado installed is pretty good. (And makes for a lot of fiddling about with triggers during a run.)

I was really sick of playing against Scarcity, so I cut lots of resource economy from my list. In hindsight, I would recommend making some cuts to make room for some non-run economy (Modded or Daily Casts or some such). or even just playing above minimum deck size. Other runners manage with 45; maybe it's fine.

rebuilding notes

Reclaim probably gets the ax first. In theory, it was to get back Bankrolls (for money) and SMCs (for speed). In practice, it felt underwhelming.

Cyberdelia is fine, honest!, but you probably don't really need 3 of them.

Laamb is included as an alternative to Dai V that's cheaper to install and doesn't get sad about IP Block.

Dummy Box is for Batty and general Skorpios shenanigans.

If, for whatever reason, Indexing is bad in your meta and you wanna switch to Maker's, finding room for a Rebirth (for Akiko) is something I've considered.

23 Jul 2018 phette23

What does Laamb do here? Fulfill the AI slot while doubling as a fracter?

23 Jul 2018 aleph_c

Yeah, it's the AI slot (for MoGo or UCF or what have you), a backup fracter for some Skorp matchups, and sort of a EULA answer. It's less good than Dai V against Komainu and Tour Guide, but is still potentially useful there. (I continue to maintain that there are better uses of influence than Switchblade.)