TagMeLiza (3 - 0 @GNK)

5N00P1 643

This is based on @Lovemans Deck, I have seen him playing / testing it on JNet and it was nice seeing it unfold.

The Deck

Changes I made:

  • I wanted to include Counter Surveillance as it seemed a strong wincon but wanted to keep Equivocation so I dropped Eater & Apocalypse and I didn't regret it, because some people where expecting me to play Apocalypse
  • Included Amina as it was giving me one more Credit Kiting target and breaking and the corp loses money is great. Especially in my CI matchup this came in handy to keep the player down.
  • I wanted to include Maxwell James, but have to say I have not used it once although I had it hand. Would test this further but me feeling is the focus is so much on centrals that it might not be worth it
    I took out:
    Planned Assault, 2x Embezzle, Apocalypse and Eater.


This Deck won against:

  • PU, found the agendas early
  • Azmari, to much pressure
  • CI, not finding Econ, having 2x Diversion of Funds in your starting hand helps

So it went 3 - 0 in the GNK together with my Mti Deck, all of my opponents being good players.

27 Jul 2018 Cluster Fox

Grats on doing well! Yeah Maxwell isn't worth it, Embezzle is a much better card in this deck.

27 Jul 2018 s.fritzi

Agreed with @Cluster Fox, I don't think either Maxwell (or for that matter Rogue Trading) are worth it if you're going Tag-Me. Rogue gets you 2credits/click if you install-click-click, which is... okay? I'm just not super convinced.

27 Jul 2018 5N00P1

I think Rogue Trading is a great include. It's like a Magnum Opus, 3 clicks = 6 Creds. It gives you a tag additionally and if they trash it they have spend a click & 2 Creds which they can't use to win, so I'm happy with both, when they leave it it's good, when they trash it too.
I think it got trashed 0 times during the tournament.

27 Jul 2018 AndytheLovell

Agree with 5N00P1 here, rogue trading is a nice click 4 install, if they trash you are winning the trade, if they don't it's a nice credit boost in a pinch

28 Jul 2018 Vortilion

Im confused, you say you didn’t want to include Maxwell in the end, but he is included in the published Decklist. ;) im included embezzled instead, to have something against HPT...

28 Jul 2018 5N00P1

@AndytheLovell my feeling was, I want to install Rogue Trading and use it once, otherwise I feel like the trade was not that good and I've made a mistake.
@Vortilion the original Decklist I've used didn't have the Maxwell James and I included them, but I think it was a mistake

31 Jul 2018 Vortilion

I think its a big disadvantage to not have a specific barrier braker in this deck. If the corp uses barriers and purges, you cant get in anymore...

31 Jul 2018 5N00P1

Tycoon fils this role. You don't want to use it, but you will if you have to.