Dapper Wünderkind: Glam Edition

stair 223

Revision to Dapper Wünderkind, a deck that delighted many and made Top 8 in a 36-player Regional. Please see the original decklist for detailed strategy and card discussion.

Piloting gist: use events to power your Comet draw+econ engine, then win from R&D using Insight to reveal and Top Hat to access agendas. In general, clicks are better spent hurtling towards late-game instead of blind single-accesses on R&D or HQ (unless said servers are unprotected).

These are the edits:

Props to @gammanet for the Legwork suggestion! Legwork feels like a solid include and, especially in a Rashida Jaheem meta, can alleviate the corp's HQ flood.

Symmetrical Visage feeds into Comet, and Armitage Codebusting gives a slight burst to stay ahead of HHN or to selectively trash key assets. Alone or combined, these two help stabilize your credit pool.

While it may not get played every game, Notoriety is a quick "gg" once you acquire 6pts.

May you have equal success dazzling your friends and winning your next organized play event w/ a stylish Chaos Theory: Wünderkind deck!