Queer Carpool Kit

Sapph0 187

Kit and Quetzal are a couple and every woman-aligned Netrunner character is my wife and you cannot change my mind.

So a bunch of us queer folk piled into a car and made our way to Tampa for the last official FL regional. I was the only gay in our carpool who didn't make the cut! We heckin' kicked butt. I ended up 9th with a weak strength of schedule, but only two losses (1corp 1runner) in v close games so I feel super good about my play and the day overall. Shoutout to Stephen Ball who gave me his Engolo playmat when he saw I didn't make it. He's super kind and I love him to death. Happy he won! Also shoutout to my opponents who gave me great, memorable games and a fun time.

Thoughts about deck:

The deck took this shape, because it was an older Brahman deck I tweaked to fit a rushy meta. Lots of burst econ with lots of draw and lots of multiaccess pressure. You try to win the game early because the mid-game is awkward. Long games are fine, once you get setup with brahman and london library remote locking is easy and you can sniff out agendas at your leisure. Stimhack Stimhack I love Stimhack. I am using all 18 copies I have. Peace in Our Time is another-stimhack-but-bad. Helps to set up though.

What I'd change:

I would've killed for Atman instead of Brahman on the day because simply there were no games long enough that I'd need a Brahman setup. That'd probably necessitate some other changes, like Laamb instead of Lady and maybe another sentry solution for those pesky surveyors, but femme is fine.

20 Aug 2018 Oh_Em_Ve

Queer from carpool checking in

Super happy to see you do well on this archetype since it's been your baby for so so long

And I am always in support of 3x Stimhack!

20 Aug 2018 Cpt_nice

Liking because queer, and you cannot change my mind

20 Aug 2018 kevnburg

Nice list! I was your opponent in the 4th round of Swiss, and it was fun discussing our runner decks.

20 Aug 2018 indeflab4

TO from the event checking in. Didn't get to see the deck in action too much, but it seemed like it had a good engine from the bits I did see!

If you move from Brahman to Atman, do you still need 2 copies of Dhegdheer? I guess if you also make the change to Laamb, having the extra MU helps, plus I wouldn't really know what to suggest for the card slot, as I am definitely not well-versed in Kit's playstyle.

20 Aug 2018 Jandersoncad

Queer driver of carpool checking in.

Definitely the best kit player I know and I'm so glad you got there.

21 Aug 2018 Sapph0

Thanks for the support, y'all! <3<3<3<3<3

@indeflab4I'd prolly keep the dhegdheers? The memory fills up fast. A couple cyberdelia might work, but I prefer the daemon. Now that I've thought about it a little: If I were playing Atman, I'd probably drop the femmes and london library for the funky squid lookin' killer, another peace in our time, and a tech card. the atman and engolo will be good for most games. Laamb offers more options when the servers are stacked high, and the squid could fill in the gaps wherever it's needed.

MTI was a challenging, but fun matchup because I couldn't anticipate the inner layers of ice and plan out my rig accordingly. I just planned for the worst in every case, which meant a lot of jacking out. I think the setup we're discussing would be better in that context.

22 Aug 2018 arccollie

Final queer of queer carpool checking in!!! Great job Medea!!