Bad Pub Mining Val

Krasty 698

5-0 (one was timed win, but not far from regullar one) at CZ-SK Nationals! But mine corp deck runs worse so only 11th place.

Published because of claim on ABR!

11 Oct 2017 Dazzler

This deck is oppressive... I like it. Had a few runs with it and enjoying it very much. Thanks @Krasty

11 Oct 2017 Krasty

@Dazzler: you welcome! It`s awsome to let mighty corp have only just two cards in hand... :o)

11 Oct 2017 Krasty

btw what I`m thinking is -1 InvJour and +1 The Archivist, but need to be test it.. :o)

12 Oct 2017 Dazzler

invjour is the most consistent bad pub maker for me. I wouldnt drop it. I drop 1 MK ultra and get a bhagat to make it more oppressive.