Ice Cream Thief - 1st Bournemouth SC

knails 488

This is Shmeguy's Whizz from Woking with all the changes he said he would make to the list

Fearing some known asset spammers that were going, I settled on whizz and true to form 4 of the 5 corps I met on the day were on the spam.

Archives Interface.jpg

Round 1 - CtM 54 - Win I've played a lot of games with whizz vs CtM we all know the rules by now. Kill sensie, Kill bankers, Don't get tagged, Stay above 8 creds.

Round 2 - PU 54 - Win Bio-ethics Prison deck through judicious use of Slums and Archives Interface my opponent ended the game with at least 2 copies of friends in hand and museums on the table that he never got to use. Cant bring anything back if the bin is empty. Remember if you didn't slums it, Go empty the bin.

Round 3 - Lpoulter's Mumba Turtles NEH - Loss I foolishly let Laurie's board state get out of hand whilst looking for slums, and after removing 2 sansans from the game I got tunnel vision trying to clear ICE off of R&D to get a medium lock going letting him sneak never advanced agenda's off the table handing me my first loss of the day

Round 4 - Shmeguy's Hasty CI - Loss Got to 6 points fishing in HQ early including both of his Global Foods, But my luck ran out as pretty soon he started to combo out. Without HQ multi access or Strikes this match-up was going to be a hard one to win.

Cut Round 1 Johno's MumbaTurtles NEH With a much better start in this game than round 3 I had archives interface down turn 2 and set about removing all the economy I could find. Slum's followed out soon after. Without Sansan or Jeeve's NEH offers little threat so long as you check what card's they are installing.