Aaron reg (1st Woking SC)

Shmeguy 1595

Aaron is busted

7 Feb 2017 nobo

This list looks perfect. I still think the temu package is stronger than dumble right now.

7 Feb 2017 Shmeguy

Thanks @nobo, agreed. Recent changes are -1 plascrete because aaron is enough and vs shutdown boom archives interface is better, -1 e strike, +1 yog because i forgot how bad black orchestra is vs DNA and fc3, and +1 data sucker.

8 Feb 2017 MrBuggles

In a world without CI7 being popular this list looks perfect.

But how you do beat CI7 when you face it?

8 Feb 2017 Shmeguy

@MrBuggles i've given up on slotting a shard or triple estrike to combat CI because they almost always manage to play around it. The plan here is to run as much as possible, preferrably with a medium, and then around the time you think they can combo, hit archives 3 times with Archives interface to get rid of things they really need such as interns, jacksons youve trashed, and shipments.

9 Feb 2017 percomis

Might be a stupid question, but why do you need Black Orchestra and MKUltra and not just have Datasuckers instead?

10 Feb 2017 Shmeguy

@percomis lotus field

27 Feb 2017 crfluency

Thanks for the list! I did the change you mentioned took it to a SC in LA, only got 3rd because 2 corp loss in cuts :( but this list is so powerful. Only loss is to Timmy Wong on ETF where I got full rig and medium going, but ran HQ with 2 cards and hit a ...snares with still counters on Aaron not used XD. I think I do want a 3rd slum though against NEH spam, very happy with the 1 sucker, 2yog 1mimic :).

27 Feb 2017 Shmeguy

@crfluency haha nice, most recent change is -1 sucker -1 earthrise for 2 scrubber to handle NEH