Pincer Movement 3.1 (11th & 5-1 at Gaming vs. Cancer '18)

swabl 337

This is just a slightly tweaked version of Pincer Movement 3 to make it more reliable in the unpredictable, random ID meta of Gaming vs. Cancer.

-1 Battlement +1 Border Control is obvious, but choosing what to cut to fit both Crisium Grid and Cyberdex Virus Suite was difficult - and I wanted both because not knowing what to expect I needed all potential answers. Ultimately it came down to either Best Defense or Fast Track - the former was a candidate because of the inevitable lack of Lizas, and the latter because it's always a bit '46th card', especially with the Atlases. In the end, as you can see, I chose to keep Best Defense primarily for Self-Modifying Code and a few other key 0-cost runner cards.

Somewhat ironically I never played a Shaper, but did play a Liza! Compounding this irony though was that the Liza was tagless, so Best Defense never got much of a chance to shine. C'est la vie.

In order I played Fisk, Iain, Silhouette, Quetzal, Nero and Liza, losing only to Quetzal, which played a damn good game but would have lost had I not lost a key Marcus Batty psi-game. And that's how most of the games were won - Batty-ing and Trojan Horse-ing key breakers not to achieve lockout necessarily, but to open windows long enough to score out.

So in the end this deck went 5-1, which when combined with my runner deck (bloody Nasir) going 2-4 meant I ended the day on 7-5, finishing 11th (tied with 5th on points). Not a bad result at all!

Major shoutouts to @paulyg for not only creating the original version of this deck, but for also providing me with advice and letting me bounce ideas off him. @steffmonkey also deserves credit for contributing to and playing the original list at Magnum Opus, but he was also going to GvC so I couldn't exactly approach him for advice (although in an amusing twist of fate we did play each other round 1!)

12 Nov 2018 paulyg

Awesome result! Particularly impressed that you bested to many criminals as I think that's the deck's toughest match-up at the moment.

Always Be Skorping.