[SOCR8] Patchwork Kit

internet_potato 951

Patchwork is super good with Professional Contacts. Engolo is really good with Kit if you have the money to make it work. Nyashia + The Maker's Eye lets you set up a reasonable facsimile of R&D lock in the mid-to-late game.

The game plan is:

  1. Mulligan for proco or patchwork
  2. Early game, use Stimhack/Self-modifying Code/monsters/Compile to challenge early rush attempts.
  3. Use proco + patchwork to pile up money and camp the remote
  4. Close the game by using Nyashia + The Maker's Eye and Same Old Thing to lock R&D.

The deck felt pretty strong, though if you don't start with at least one of patchwork + proco, you're gonna have a bad time.

Big thanks to @Sanjay for organizing this event and @fightingwalloon for planting the seed that grew into the SOCR tree. Best subcommunity in a great community.