SC19 Stealth Jesminder

scumhooligan 143

Full credit goes to Sanjay, who designed the original deck: Kitty Purry

This is just a simple update to Nisei Standard. If you must have an AI breaker, I'd swap the 3rd Clone Chip for an Atman. Hostage helps you find DJ Liza :)

1 Jan 2019 lazychef13

which programs do you trash with cold read?

2 Jan 2019 Sanjay

Love to see this! Really happy to be saving influence and install costs with the Corroder over the Paperclip.

I haven't been playing much myself so it is great for me to see a deck I like being retuned to the new format.

@lazychef13 scumhooligan's experience with the deck may be different, but this is how I've been playing the Cold Reads:

Typically you don't trash anything with Cold Read and you just don't use programs on Cold Read runs. You can use the credits to trash an expensive asset, fetch a program with Self-Modifying Code or Clone Chip, all while building up credits on Net Mercur.

In late game, you can use Cloaks during a Cold Read run to make them eligible trashing targets.

2 Jan 2019 scumhooligan

@lazychef13 Exactly what @Sanjay said about Cold Read. I typically use it as a mini-stimhack to get out a breaker or trash an asset like an early jinja or jeeves. In mid/late game you can use it to charge a remote relying on clone chip to recover from the program trash as necessary.

3 Jan 2019 lazychef13

okay cool, i see it now. i was just wondering, cause i have very much fun with a very close build to yours. just with crowdfundings instead of hot pursuit and 3 real stimhacks + film critic instead of strike. i will definitely look into cold read now

4 Jan 2019 Blonde Haired Hacker Girl

Just to add to the cold read thing; you can always just trash a cloak to it if you really need to use programs and don't want to lose breakers during it. Taking creds off cloak counts as using it.

7 Jan 2019 Cooker

Why doesn't Gebrselassie see any play in Stealth decks? Seems like it would be a huge boon in case you run into a glacier deck and only costs 1 real credit and an extra click to put it on an icebreaker (and can be moved depending on how the server is built up).

8 Jan 2019 scumhooligan

@CookerI do like Gebrselassie... it's simply not in this build to save a deck slot. If I were to bring it in, I'd probably cut a Cold Read.