Old Hollywood Grid. It's time to shine!

Cliquil 1176

Or not so much.

6 points from a possible 15 at Reading GNK. Ultimately it performed like a less good red herrings most of the time and a better but way more expensive red herrings the rest.

Would not recommend for further testing.

If only because your agenda suites are a mess.

Edit: Published so I can claim on ABR. Edit: Also I got dyped twice at the tournament.

3 Dec 2017 Lttlefoot

It does seem like its time. No rumor mill and no caprice. You just need to make sure it costs more than $5 to run the server a second time. How about Excalibur?

3 Dec 2017 Cpt_nice

I agree excalibur is probably a nice include. Probably Prisec as well

3 Dec 2017 emilyspine

10/10 for fun!

4 Dec 2017 Cliquil

@littlefoot You're right, Excalibur would have been a good call but I don't think it would have held back any of my opponents.

The main problem with the remote plan really is that Old Hollywood Grid is not quite problematic enough to function as a glacier tool, but is also took expensive to rush. So you end up with this weird middle zone where, if the deck you're playing against is well tuned and piloted well, your outs are severely limited