Throwback Asa - Jackson (1st at Hemophilia Charity Event)

Pinsel 2548

Our lord and saviour Jackson Howard has (briefly) returned from the dead! Protecting you from agenda flood and keeping all your servers fully operational, jackson is the one true throwback card.

For @whiteblade111's charity tournament, i wanted to bring a horrible durdling earth station deck at first. After seeing the prizes though, i decided that i wanted to play a proper deck and just squeezed Jackson into my latest Asa list. Then, without testing, i just hoped for the best.

And playing Jackson was a blast. It fits so perfectly and playing up to 12 Fully Operationals is a good way to get through 6 siphons.

At the event, it lost twice. Once it got horribly mauled by keyhole and once it lost to solid runner play. The event itself was amazing, playing against lots of old cards and never being sure which card you were going to face.

6 Dec 2020 YsengrinSC

Thanks for the shoutout Pinsel. Maybe one day I'll get a skilled win

Great job in the event, congrats on the win!

7 Dec 2020 Sokka

Turns out Sandbox Jeeves is pretty good :D

If I had known that plastic Hoshiko was on the line I would have 100% played anarch :(

10 Dec 2020 5N00P1

Congrats @Pinsel! Back to the time, when 6 inf are spend for GFI & Jackson (if you are not playing yellow).