Antwerp Gulag - Ghent SC 2nd place

Slowriffs 726

A pretty standard Argus list. I never really liked the GFI Argus builds, they seem just slow enough so they can't beat shaper anymore. I went back to the "older" agenda suite, and I prefer this build a lot. Every agenda either gives you tempo, or takes away runner tempo. Compared to the GFI builds which might threaten 3 points, but unless you're about to win the runner generally doesn't care and you just lost 2 turns and 5 credits.

Some other small things:

  • 3 IP blocks, most Argus builds don't have 3, but I figured there would be a lot of 419 and crowdfunding, so I wanted cheap ICE that can deal with Aumakua.
  • Only 1 Border Control, I thought it was a bit of a nonbo with Surveyor and I couldn't really figure out what to cut for more of them, but it's pretty much wrong in hindsight and I should find space for more of them.
24 Feb 2019 ayyyliens

I will never ever float surveyor tags again

24 Feb 2019 Cluster Fox

Why's that? :p

24 Feb 2019 Zanetti83

No BOOM? It could fit in this deck, I think. I would also play casting call

24 Feb 2019 Slowriffs

@Zanetti83High-profile Target is good enough. Casting Call is a fun card but it's really not strong enough for its influence cost.

26 Feb 2019 RvdH83

When playing Argus I often feel the bad pub is breaking you up if the game goes long. I prefer +1 IPO, -1 Too Big to Fail.

28 Feb 2019 Zanetti83

@SlowriffsI'm using casting call+prisec+city works project and it is almost impossible for the runner to steal it, unless he/she has film critic of course