ASMRP - Top 4 at X Planet Store Champs

formerteen 1112

this deck provides a relaxing and meditative experience for both the corp and runner players. feel the tingles run down your neck as the runner digs through a three-ice-deep server only to be ETR'd. savour the crisp sounds of you shuffling your hand for three minutes before clicking twice for credits and installing a piece of ice. sink into the delicate whispers of your opponent as they confess that they've accessed a snare from r&d after paying 15 credits to get through your ice.

alright, that bit has run its course. you all know the drill here: this is classic glacier with some spiky surprises*. the goal is to use nisei tokens and MCA to score two niseis and an obokata. careless runners will often kill themselves by accident but you have no real great ways to actively pursue that in this deck—the traps are basically just to keep runners cautious and to tax their cards and clicks. the primary skill relevant for this deck is just recognising scoring windows and the game is often just Mathrunner™.

the deck won a 15-person Toronto GNK a couple of weeks ago, though that version had 3 fairchild instead of 3 border control. border control is, of course, the correct choice. i took this deck (along with an update of our apoc val) to top 4 in a store champs this past weekend. our meta is quite competitive so i was pleased just to make it into the top 4 among the other excellent players. regrettably, i had to play runner for both of my games in the cut and i lost both games, though i still feel confident in the strength of this big spiky glacier deck.

i think most of the card choices speak for themselves but if you have questions about why i played this card over that or whatever, i'm happy to answer them. i tested this deck a fair amount so i feel pretty comfortable with the list and don't really have any regrets. if you have any success with it, let me know. i think i'll be retiring it for the foreseeable future as a personal favour to @lukesim3.

*it's not a surprise if you've played against me before.

5 Mar 2019 mo0man

What decklists? Who has decklists?

5 Mar 2019 lukesim3

This deck makes me sad, as it severely limits one's ability to get...


5 Mar 2019 mo0man

Nah man, it makes them more dramatic and good.

Imagine if in that last game where gifted the hand with 3 Snare and 1 agenda. Could you imagine the rips on an HQ run?

5 Mar 2019 el-zilcho

He threw a baby in the trash...