Inazuma is a good card (3rd place X-Planet SC)

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This is a MTI deck. Went 4-1 on the day (shoutouts to @lukesim3 and his sick rips), but the loss was a friendly during final round where I ID'd so I'm not sure how much it counts. Anyway, was #1 going into swiss, and it won its game in the cut, while my Hayley failed due to pilot error and a run-in with Titan.

A few points about card choices. Ark Lockdown won me two games. It's possible it was variance, but gave me a window in one game, and it helped me bluff an NGO in another, which wasted a stimhack and 5 real credits. Not sure if it's actually better than the third Border Control. but there we are.

Shipment from Tennin should be a 1x in most Mti decks in my opinion. Won me 2 games, one being the obvious Philotic out of hand, but the other was a turn 2 Nisei score, which I assume the runner thought was a Rashida.

My choice of ice suite in general was mostly so that I could drop the Celebrity Gift, which I hate in MTI. It's a lot of money, sure, but I do not want the runner to be able to know when I do or don't have a major ice threat I can Mti.

Bio Vault is so that I can occasionally get extra value from Slot Machine. It never happened, and actually I was never even able to fire the ability even once, so in practise they may have been better suited as Junebugs, Still, the additional ability to bluff and force the runner through the remote is good. Also, might go from 3 slot to 2, using the extra influence for another Eli or IP

Anyway, the only reason I'm doing this writeup is because I'd like to talk about Inazuma. It's great. Play Inazuma. The issues previously with positional ice being bad is no longer true when you're MTI and with Thimblerig around, and with Parasite and instant ice destruction being mostly gone. If your ID ability is active, it's a required break from the runner even when it's the only ice. 3 to Rez, 6 to break with just about everything feels good. I'd been feeling down on the Tracker recently, so I cut them for these. I'm sure the value on them (and on your ability) goes down somewhat when your opponent knows you have zero Trackers, but that's why I'm publishing the list now instead of before the tournament

Also, Preemptive is useless nowadays and in this deck. I should fit something else.

Oh, and my runner was a 46 card Rube Goldberg Hayley, which is card for card copy of Doomrat's list, except for the 46th card, which was a misdirection, which was a mistake.

5 Mar 2019 lukesim3


5 Mar 2019 moistloaf

feels nice to first ICE with inazuma doesn't it

5 Mar 2019 lostgeek

Good call on the Inazuma. Seems good in Jinteki Glacier!

6 Mar 2019 Tradon

Inazuma is great in MTI because of MTI AND because of Thimblerig - I already played it in my MTI last year at nats and magnum opus - not sure about having 3 of them though :)