Prominent Leg, More or Less (2nd at Chatteris SC)

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I took tagme Liza to a store championship after careful consideration based on what I anticipated the players who I knew were going were likely to play, deeming it a fairly safe call, and arrived to find 5 Outfits (and a Titan) out of the 11 there.

I came 2nd and was never flatlined.

This list is basically @RoRo's Prominent Leg -2 Emergency Shutdown +1 Embezzle +1 Exploit.

My thinking here was that Emergency Shutdown is probably the least essential card in the list, and I'd like another Embezzle to give myself slightly better chances if I came across HPT decks (and to just be a bit more disruptive). Exploit was then added in for the lolz, and because I figured it would be a more impactful ES if it goes off.

These changes were bad and wrong.

Seriously, Emergency Shutdown would have done a lot of work in the games I lost, costing the Corp more money and letting you put more pressure on centrals as a result. Exploit never got played and three Embezzles are too many.

My games were:

  1. Win vs. The Outfit. Played it safe, staying at 2 tags, until I saw Neural EMP and realized he was on Alex B's Salem's list. No tag punishment means time to go aggressive, helped in large part due to him being flooded.
  2. Lose vs. The Outfit. Same tactic as above, but never saw a sign that let me go full tagme, and so slowly lost as I spent too much time and money clearing tags and losing tempo. Lesson learned: just go full tagme from the start because this deck can't sustain itself if you don't.
  3. Lose vs. AgInfusion. Got a DNA Tracker on each central early and a Chiyashi on Mumbaded remote. This is absolutely why Emergency Shutdown was wrong to cut. ggwp
  4. 2-4-1'd, winning as Corp, so didn't play Runner this round.

Thanks to my Corp performance I managed to squeak into the 3-person cut in 3rd place on strength of schedule, whereupon I played...

  1. Win vs. Salem's Outfit piloted by the creator Alex B himself. I had a roaring start and he was unfortunately flooded, which is really tragic in the cut.
  2. And I played as Corp in the final and lost, so that was that.

So overall this list went 2-2, but with both the wins in large parts due to agenda flood, so I'm not sure what this proves. My losses came from trying to play it safe (you really just have to roll the dice with Liza) and cutting the Shutdowns, both lessons I probably would have learned had I spent more time practicing.

Oh, and it turned that of the 6 Weyland players, there was only one on High-Profile Target, and it was the goddamn Titan player.


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19 Mar 2019 5N00P1

yeah, I usually enjoy having 3 Emergency Shutdown as you are on a kind of denial plan and it let's them rez and rez again. On the other side, when they manage to lock you out of HQ you have more dead cards....

24 Mar 2019 RoRo

Liza is love, Liza is life