AgInfusion 3.1 - 1st Chatteris SC 2019

Kikai 429

As much as I love it, I didn't want to play Gagarin two store champs in a row. I spotted this aginfusion list from ctz, but I couldn't quite get it to work so I thought that I'd try and build on it / adjust it for the me / the UK meta.


I played a lot of AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World in 2018 (actually won the 2018 Chatteris SC with this list), and I feel like I learned a few things.

  • If you are going to play an 8 card agenda suite, your 9th agenda is Fast Track. Without it, you will miss scoring windows and you can lose very easily to R&D lock.

  • Marcus Batty for an ETR is not great. If you aren't using Marcus Batty to fire a high impact sub (Excalibur or Cobra) then it's worth considering alternatives.

  • Divert Power is a god send for AgInfusion - which has always wanted for a reliable way to rez ICE independent of runner actions. The fact that it also derezzes ICE that you can then use to trigger your ID ability is just icing on the cake. Similar story for Thimblerig.

  • You need a massive amount of economy to fuel Jinteki Glacier - more so in AgInfusion than either Palana or Mti (imho). Letting a runner steal an early SSL Endorsement will ofen open up a scoring window.

Controversial Card Decisions.

What, no Excalibur? Well, between Security Nexus, Engolo, and Aumakua - it seems like everyone has an answer (and that's probably for the best). Also, in a country where 419 (predominantly with security nexus) has won almost every single 2019 Store Champ, Anansi is huge. And, if you are going to play Anansi, Obokata Protocol starts to look real good - just don't trick yourself into playing Kakugo.

Blue Level Clearance vs Marilyn Campaign - It seems crazy to spend 4 inf splashing Blue Level Clearance, but 3 x Marilyn Campaign is probably not right either. It has a cute synergy with Divert Power, but they don't tend to stick in the remote that long.

Only 2 x Rashida Jaheem? - Probably swap at least one Marilyn Campaign out for the third Rashida Jaheem (and swap the Marcus Batty out for a third Mumbad City Grid to keep R&D thick).

I like Eli 1.0 over IP Block - there is no tag punishment in the deck (obv), and Eli 1.0 is much more impactful on the remote than IP Block. It's worse against TTW, but you have other spiky ICE (that also make better AgInfusion bounces).