SuckAtman (3-1 D.A.V.E)

imrahil 1269

Old school sucker-atman. Engolo Just in case. Jinteki matchups are pretty good with a strength 5 Atman. Simulchip allows you to change Atman strength mid run as well as bring back parasites. I don't like macrophage. Only loss was to PE - death on T5 (self inflicted)

7 Feb 2021 Diogene

I tried it and wow! Much better than I expected, even on a first try with many many mistake in using the deck.

I knew of the combo Parasite with Simulchip and I like that you combo it further with Datasucker.

While I liked the Earthrise Hotel, why not go all the way and do Career Fair + Earthrise Hotel + Diesel? And not use Professional Contacts. It worked, but it felt heavy. I'll test and let you know.

Thank you for sharing this deck. I had tried Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind with Atman, but your deck is better, I enjoyed it a lot.

9 Feb 2021 lostgeek

Can confirm. An Atman 5 works wonders against Palana...

Really cool idea to bring back Atman+Sucker! I think you might even be able to go SMC-less and play some Paule to hold your Atmans and Parasites instead.